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  • The Butterfly Forest

  • Sean O’Brien, Book 3
  • By: Tom Lowe
  • Narrated by: Michael David Axtell

He hid an old pencil map for 40 years. The guards never found it.

After 40 years in San Quentin, Luke Palmer leaves with a state-issued suit, $100 for a bus ticket, and a map that leads to a promise and into the heart of a dark forest.

College graduate Molly Monroe is set to release rare butterflies not far from where the FBI used 4,000 bullets in a gunfight to kill Ma Barker and one of her gangster children in 1935. Molly took a picture that would frame something she never expected.

Sean O’Brien saw something — a predator. In the middle of a sea of cars in a Walmart parking lot. Walk quickly. Stalking two women. As O’Brien tries to stop the kidnapping, he opens the door to a new relationship. And he opens a dark door that leads to a terror lurking in the forest. He follows covered tracks that lead him further into the woods where a past villain intersects with a terrifying presence to form a volatile trap with only one way out.

Great storyteller! I would listen to this novel again, just to hear the narrator tell the story. Michael David Axtell has done a remarkable job of bringing the story and the characters of this novel to life. He’s a gifted storyteller – his speed and delivery are precise. He kept me engaged from start to finish. I often find myself listening longer and later than expected. I’ve listened to many audiobooks and it’s been such a pleasure to find a really good storyteller! I will listen to anything that he is a part of in the future.

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