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  • The Butterfly Mosque

  • A Young American Woman’s Journey to Love and Islam
  • By: G. Willow Wilson
  • Narrated by: Catherine Byers

The extraordinary story of an American girl’s complete conversion to Islam and her subsequent romance with a young Egyptian man, The Butterfly Mosque is a wonderful hybrid of a Westerner. embrace the Muslim world.

When G. Willow Wilson – already an accomplished writer on modern religion and the Middle East at age 27 – left her atheist parents in Denver to attend Boston University, she enrolled in a course Studying Islam leads to her shocking conversion to Islam and sends her on a fateful journey across continents and into an uncertain future.

She settled in Cairo, where she taught English and immersed herself in a culture based on the religion she had studied. And then she meets Omar, a passionate young man with a hint of resentment towards Western influences in his homeland. They fall in love, entering a daring relationship that questions the nature of family, beliefs and traditions. Torn between the secular West and the Muslim East, Willow chronicles her intense personal struggle to forge a “third culture” that can align with her own values without affects friends and family on both sides.

Good story. Really enjoyed Willow’s story. I am also a convert to Islam, so this makes me feel very close. Her writing is very candid and I enjoyed her views on Cairo.

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