The Calling: Dragon Age, Book 2 – Audiobook Online

After 200 years of exile, King Maric allowed the legendary Gray Wardens to finally return to Ferelden. When they arrive, however, they bring with them terrible news: one of them has escaped into the Deep Roads and allied with their archenemy, the giant shadow creature.

The Gray Wardens need Maric’s help, and he reluctantly agrees to lead them into the passages he had traversed years ago, pursuing a deadly secret that will threaten to destroy not only the Gray Wardens – but and the kingdom above.

Great fantasy novel. I read the first in the series before and loved the characters and had to keep reading. I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy and especially fans of games. At the time of reading, I haven’t played Origins yet (coming late to the series and starting with the investigation) but I would like to read the book before playing the game. Now I can start the next source and book!

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