The Campaigners: The Morland Dynasty, Book 14 – Audiobook Online

1815: Napoleon’s escape from Elba and preparations for battle leaves the Morland family entangled in a web of romance and heartbreak. Allied troops are gathering in Flanders, and where the army is, the fashion world has to go – so London society flocks to Brussels to enjoy the most Exciting Season ever. For Heloise, it brought about a new acquaintance with her former suitor, Duc de Veslne-d’Estienne; while Rosamund must eventually deal with her feelings for her cousin Marcus; and for Sophie, a meeting with the mysterious French major could change her future. But as romance flourishes in the belligerent atmosphere, the looming darkness of battle only makes the dancers reel more, and as the Army advances to face the might of the French at Waterloo, a question arises. pose in every heart: which of them will not return?

Moreland Dynasty books are always great!

I was impressed with the author’s meticulous descriptions of people, places, emotions, events, and more. The reader can not only see what is described, but also feel the subject matter. I love escaping to Morland Place!

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