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The world needs a strong America, and America needs an economic revival after the coronavirus shutdown. Can the book that led to the greatest job market in history put Americans back to work?

From the very first moments of his presidency, Donald J. Trump has put the US economic recovery at the top of his agenda. Cuts in administrative procedures and cuts in business tax rates have made companies eager to return to their US headquarters. The surge in corporate investment has resulted in a record number of jobs in the United States.

But there is also another force at work at the start of the Trump era, and it is impossible to give a fair account of how Trump has run without taking into account the unique obstacles he faces. Critics of the president refer to themselves as “Resistance,” as if they were confronting a tyrant at the head of an invading army rather than their legitimately elected president. Much of the media regularly – and falsely – accuses him of betraying the country. Most worrisome is the protest movement within the government, which formed even before the 2016 election, which unleashed unprecedented scrutiny of Donald Trump.

The political and media war never ends. As soon as an impeachment trial failed in the Senate earlier this year, the world began to realize how much of a threat China’s communist government has become – and what it has been hiding in Wuhan. The devastation caused by the coronavirus is the latest and greatest test of Trump’s prosperity agenda.

Once again, the world’s health and wealth depends on U.S. leadership for economic revitalization. This is the story of the man who was chosen by American voters to lead in 2016 and will soon be considered to lead again.

Loved it ! Great facts, very informative and concise. People need to know the truth about all this. Knowledge is power!

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