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The Demon Crown by James Rollins is a fast-paced thriller that follows the adventures of Sigma Force, a team of special-ops soldiers with scientific backgrounds. The story begins when an ancient species of wasps is discovered in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. This species, called the Gorgons, produces a highly venomous substance that can be weaponized for biological warfare.

However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when a rogue group of Chinese agents steals the venom and plans to use it to unleash a deadly pandemic on the world. Sigma Force must race against time to stop them, all while battling hostile environments, deadly creatures, and a complex web of political intrigue.

As the team races to save the world from destruction, they are propelled on a thrilling adventure filled with dangerous betrayals, unexpected alliances, and heart-pounding action. Ultimately, they must summon all their skills, knowledge, and courage to prevent the Demon Crown, a powerful artifact that has the potential to unleash chaos and destruction on a global scale, from falling into the wrong hands.

The Demon Crown / Sigma Force, Book 13, Audiobook Online By: James Rollins

A construction project beneath the National Mall reveals a dark Civil War-era secret buried by a team of scientists, led by Alexander Graham Bell, who helped found the Smithsonian Institution.

It is a storehouse of bones, preserved in amber, guarding a miracle like no other, the secret of life after death. But such a prize is protected by a horror from the distant past, a horror that still lives in the marrow of those people’s bones – and is now free again.

From a crystallization lab atop Mount Fuji to an island off the coast of Hawaii teeming with so-called “life’s dark matter,” Sigma Force must solve a time-traveling mystery, when the life took root on this planet for the first time. But the threat is spreading, changing, evolving, adapting, deceiving every attempt to stop it. It means taking back a world it once ruled.

In order for Sigma Force to stop it, Commander Grayson Pierce will have to do the unthinkable: team up with Sigma’s greatest enemy – the newly revived Order – even if it means sacrificing one of them.

I’ve been a fan of these books for a long time, this particular one is great, but not my favorite. Maybe it’s just a wasp theme, but I don’t like the chapters from the wasp point of view. I also feel like there are too many supporting characters who don’t really do anything but their names are a bit confusing.

Mr. Rollins never failed to produce. A particularly enjoyable book, with an introduction to both new and old characters. Hoping to see more Tau in the future, I smell a spin-off series!!!! Love science in fiction. Great all around fun.


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