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The Forgotten by Ben Bradlee, Jr. is a book that reports on how the voters in Luzerne County, an important county in a crucial swing state, came to feel like strangers in their own land. The author explains how these voters have been marginalized by various factors such as flat or falling wages, rapid demographic change, and a liberal culture that mocks their faith and patriotism. In this book, Bradlee explores the reasons behind the rise of Donald Trump and offers insights into the future of American politics.

  • The Forgotten

  • How the People of One Pennsylvania County Elected Donald Trump and Changed America
  • By: Ben Bradlee
  • Narrated by: Kiff Vandenheuvel

The people of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, voted Democrat for decades, until Donald Trump reversed that in 2016. What happened?

Named by Entertainment Weekly as one of “the hottest political books coming out of 2018”.

In The Forgotten, Ben Bradlee, Jr., reports how voters in Luzerne County, a key county in a key swing state, have felt like strangers in their own land – ripped off marginalized by fixed or reduced wages, rapidly changing demographics, and a liberal culture that mocks their faith and patriotism.

Essentially rural and grappling with demographic change and limited opportunities, Luzerne County can be seen as a microcosm of the nation. In The Forgotten, Trump voters speak for themselves, explaining how they feel others are “lining in” and that the federal government is taking too much money from people with jobs and giving it to idle people. The loss of family breadwinner status, and more importantly, dignity, has made them the subject of a candidate like Donald Trump.

The political truths of a divided America are clear, but the stories of men, women, and families in The Forgotten offer a kaleidoscopic and compelling portrait of the complex political realities of America today.

I guess Trump emboldened racists to act on their thoughts, really sad. I am struggling to understand this, it is really bothering me. I hope I can understand why and I hope that this mindset goes away. We are all people and , oh well, I just do not understand or condone this approach.


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