The Girl of His Dreams – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 17

The Girl of His Dreams is the 17th mystery and horror novel in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series by author Donna Leon. On a rainy morning, after the funeral of their mother, Commissario Brunetti and Ispettore Vianello answer a 911 call about a body floating near the steps in Venice’s coastal canals.

Brunetti’s wrists were gripped by her silky golden hair, and together he and Vianello lifted a dead girl out of the water. There was no report of a missing child, nor a theft the child was carrying.

Brunetti is drawn into the search for more than just the cause of the girl’s death. The investigation involves her character, her family, and the secrets people will keep to protect their children.
The investigation brought Brunetti from the canals and castles of Venice to a refuge on the mainland. Through relationships, he struggles with both institutional and criminal prejudice to unravel the fate of the dead child.
Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Brunetti is a good guy who loves his family and looks for beauty everywhere. He may be the only cop who knows who the bad guy is but never gets to catch anyone. The bad guys in this series are always hiding from things, usually because they are rich and/or politically connected. Brunetti is very arrogant and only cares about appearances and personal advancement. Why did Patta even get her job. In fact, the entire judicial system in Venice must be corrupt or evil. In this story, justice is not done.
But if you love Venice and its food, you will surely be satisfied. If you like to see a man loving his wife and children, you will be very happy. You feel at ease after following a detective through arduous investigation and “getting his man”.

02- Is it really necessary to insult and insult a country and denigrate tourists, which provide income for the majority of the population? This particular novel deals with a ‘mystery’ about 2 men who converted to religion and then dropped it to preach and educate the Rom/Gypsy element. Miss Leon hates Americans and tourists and loves to lecture on all topics.

03- The book is about politics overriding justice when the death of a child Rom is laid under the rug. The discussion of “outsiders”, the political line should be more inclusive in the story. I love Paola and Guido’s relationship, they really communicate and understand each other. Guidos’ emotional response to this case and the way he handled it was not satisfactory.

04- This book is perfect for fans who love Brunetti. There are realistic frustrations of Venetian politics, much open-ended justice; It seems that the hero cannot win. Do we read mysteries so that reality can be reproduced, the book leaves in the reader’s heart the frustrations that the characters have to live with? Does the hero need to be smart enough to bring justice to light?

05- Author Donna Leon writes authentic stories about time and place, her characters are consistent, and intrigues uncover. This is a book with many interesting details for readers to follow the author’s Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series.

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