The Giver of Stars (Full Audiobook) A Novel By Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes presents the book club that has only female members and male members are not allowed if there were any male members they would try to dominate the ladies. Moyes’ female characters don’t want to get dominated by any one, they joined this outdoor activity of delivering books because they wanted to feel free in life.

Alice Wright was bored by her dull life in England and she married an American with a thought that she will get a chance to enjoy freedom in the days to come. Thoughts remain a dream for Alice and the biggest hurdle in her way proves to be her father-in-law. Travelling to the library was an easy way to get out of sight for Alice and then she met Margery, the kind of woman she always wanted to be. 

Margery is a free will type of woman who has never let a man dominate her life and that is the secret of her happy life as far as she thinks. Three more ladies join the crew after that and then there is everything on the way that they were looking for. Dangers are even enjoyed in a sensible way because the women want to check the women power in the world along with this there is another theme i.e the one that deals with the reading of books. 

Along with their personal motives the ladies don’t forget the real goal of delivering books to those who could not have them. It could be termed as an amalgam of Me Before You and The Last Letter from Your Lover difference is Julia Whelan’s voice which has improved Jojo’s work. You can listen to the book for hours without getting tired, nothing is repeated and the women also don’t waste much of their time on their past life once the journey is started. 


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