The Green Eagle Score – A Parker Novel By Richard Stark

The Green Eagle Score is the 10th mystery and suspense novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The content of the book is that Parker is planning to steal the entire payroll of an Air Force base in upstate New York. Parker with help from Marty Fusco and a smart financial man named Devers. He lives with his family in a ruined small town, preparing for the risky business by trying to shorten the odds.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

01- Parker and Claire hang out on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They met in Parker’s room. Fuscoe presents what he knows, but they have to go to New York to meet the man who is Stan Deavers. They met at the airport after driving to a motel in Malone, fifteen miles from Aniqua where the goal had been scored. Deavers is married to Ellen, Fuscoe’s ex-wife, and works in the finance office of the Air Force base. Ellen has a therapist and she loves talking to him about everything! The therapist encourages Ellen to talk about everything she’s heard from the robbery. Jake Kengle, Bill Stockton and Billy Webb are three new men, they’re ready. Ellen showed more anxiety and panic as the men’s time drew near. Most of these stories are the same; Some things turn out perfect, others fail miserably.

02- Green Eagle Score is the 10th novel in Parker’s novel series. In this adventure, Parker is flown from his vacation to a small New York town, near an air base owned by the boyfriend of a former crime colleague Marty Fusco. The plan was to rob large sums of cash. Parker is uncertain at first because some people suddenly find themselves out of life. Also Devs, the airbase employee, whose idea it was was a young man who had never done this before; Who knows how he will act. Add to that the fact that Devs is sleeping with Fusco’s ex and all three seem to be happy with the deal while the average person is not. The team-wide relationship required for capers is a bit odd. The fact that the ex is seeing a psychiatrist and the whole deal becomes more complicated.

03- Marty Fusco recruits Parker to devise a plan to steal payroll at an Air Force base. His ex-wife is living with the base’s finance officer, a petty thief looking to move on to bigger things. Unbeknownst to the group, the wife is venting her worries to her analyst, without knowing that he is trying to take everything.

04- Richard Stark wrote the book Parke about a professional thief. Parker – he doesn’t kill people unless necessary to protect himself. He agrees to go rob when he can plan the caper himself, and once he has decided on revenge, there is no time limit. The plot with many attractive characters. Westlake is a great writer; His characters are varied and interesting.

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