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“The Killing Ground” is the 14th book in the Sean Dillon series by Jack Higgins. In this novel, former IRA enforcer Sean Dillon is once again called upon to protect England from terrorist threats.

The story begins with a Russian submarine that has gone missing while attempting to transport two stolen nuclear warheads. The warheads are discovered by an arms dealer who plans to sell them to Irish Republican extremists. This deal puts the United Kingdom in danger of a massive terrorist attack, and the British government calls on Dillon to help prevent it.

Dillon assembles a team of highly skilled operatives to track down the warheads before they can be detonated on British soil. The team includes Hannah Bernstein, a retired MI5 agent, and Blake Johnson, Dillon’s longtime ally and former presidential advisor. Together, they engage in a race against time to find the warheads and prevent a catastrophic disaster.

As they delve deeper into the conspiracy, they discover a connection to Dillon’s own troubled past and a startling revelation that threatens to destroy everything he knows.

“The Killing Ground” is a high-octane thriller that features a complex plot, strong character development, and a fast-paced narrative style. Higgins delivers an action-packed adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats and provides a satisfying conclusion to the story arc.

The Killing Ground / Sean Dillon, Book 14, Audiobook Online By: Jack Higgins

For intelligence agent Sean Dillon, it was a routine passport check. But the events it would lead to would be as bloody as any he had ever known.

The man he stopped at Heathrow Airport was Caspar Rashid, born and raised in England, but with family ties to a Bedouin tribe closely entwined with old ways, as he had just I just discovered my pain.
Rashid’s 13-year-old daughter, Sara, was kidnapped by her own father and taken to Iraq to marry a man known as the Hammer of God, one of the most feared terrorists in the Middle East. Dillon also has frictions with that tribe, and when the distraught man pleads with Dillon for help, he sees an opportunity to settle some old points – but he knows nothing about the terrible chain of events that he is about to open up, as well as of the arch-enemies he is about to achieve. Before his journey is over, many men will die – and Dillon may be one of them.

The real hammer we know is Dillon, Billy, Furgeson Roper and Greta. They seem to be able to take in the whole horde of radical Muslims and give them a decent return. Mr. Higgins has written countless books and all of them are real favorites among action readers. For one, I enjoy all of his novels and even though I pretty much know what’s to come, reading each one is still fun. I highly recommend this novel and know that you won’t miss reading it.

Although this story follows a familiar pattern, I found it to be an interesting book. Higgins let his characters down and the main hero Sean Dillon is the same as always. Along with Salters and other familiar characters, I have always enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to others.

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