The Land: Swarm (Full Audiobook) Chaos Seeds, Book 5

Since people have been enjoying this series of LitRPG saga as the series continues and this one is the book 5 in the  Chaos Seeds series written by the famous and one of the most beloved authors Aleron Kong.

The series has already won the hearts of many LitRPG lovers and now continues to give another bundle of perfectly written events and truly epic events that re beyond the imagination of a human and is surely out of this world. The mix and match of powerful energies, the confrontation of ambiguity and adventure-filled scenarios keep the listener’s heart pounding and mind-blowing away as the thrilling story continues.

The other books in the series The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga and The Land: Forging have already made a perfect baseline among the reader’s mind about how you are going to get indulged into this wonderful set of stories.

As the story continues, you will be imagining a world where you can never expect anything usually. The mist village is in danger already and Ritcher and Sion are at the verge of losing their fight. Which strategy will they use, which path will take them to the victory and how they’re going to survive the adventure that is never-ending and will grow the nightmares in the head of everyone who is there.

The powerful characters, unexpected adventures, and fights, mind-blowing quests, and adventures and fights that are truly heart-wrenching is all that you can expect from this story.

The happenings and events will take you to the other world son where you will find more about Elora, Swarm, Ritcher, and Sion. What will happen to them, how they are going to conquer everything in their recent quests. Also you will be enjoying the story in the voice of the enchanting narrator Nick Podehl

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