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“The Last Continent” is the twenty-second novel in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. The story is centered on Rincewind, a cowardly and inept wizard, who is drawn to the mysterious continent.

A land of incredible natural wonders and terrors and home to many unique, dangerous, and sometimes deadly creatures. Upon his arrival, Rincewind and his companions encounter an intelligent kangaroo, a giant killer sheep, and a tree that can grant wishes, among other strange things. The story takes place as a series of flashbacks, triggered by the arrival of a group of foreign professors who have come to study the Unseen University’s library. Among the professors is the Egregious Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography, who has a darker agenda in mind.

Throughout his journey, Rincewind encounters various characters who represent different aspects of Australian and British culture, including the always-drunk Drover and the Unseen University faculty named after famous Australian poets. Pratchett uses “The Last Continent” to explore themes and issues such as colonialism, imperialism, and cultural identity. The novel is full of his trademark humor and wit, satirizing Australian culture, and colonialism in a way that is as biting as it is entertaining.

In summary, “The Last Continent” is another marvelous addition to the Discworld series. It features Pratchett’s signature blend of social commentary and humor. It offers an entertaining and thought-provoking story that is sure to please fans of the series or anyone interested in learning more about the fascinating world of Discworld.


“Whatever you do in the past will change the future. The smallest actions have huge consequences. Now you can step on an ant and that can completely stop you. someone born in the future.”
There’s nothing like evolutionary matter to get under the skin of scholars. Especially when those same scholars accidentally or misjudged were brought into an important evolutionary turning point when one wrong move could lead to dire consequences for the future.

Unfortunately, in the hands of such an incompetent and reviled group of individuals, sadly, the sensitive issue of causation is only likely to receive as little respect as they have for one another.

Rincewind finds herself never dreaming of the final continent on Discworld, one still under construction. Filled with satire and humor aimed at 1980s Australiaa, this Discworld novel is suitable for anyone, not just Australians. Full of references to Australian music, movies, slang and stereotypes, it’s fun for everyone.

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