The Last Kingdom – Full Audiobook Book 1 By Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell takes us on a tour to the 9th and 10th century when England was governed by a king named Alfred. It was he and his successors who defeated the Vikings and established a strong hold over almost ninety percent of England. The family was known for its warrior spirit and valor they had one goal and that was the unification of the kingdom and making it much stronger for the future generations.

Though the family had three of the English kingdoms but still one remained out of their control and though they try desperately for it the result was failure. It is Uhtred who starts describing the whole scenario in his own words as he is among the leading characters of the series. Though he is raised by Danes, Uhtred in origin belonged to England because he was once abducted by the enemies so that they can use him on the right time and in the right way.

Uhtred fights for the Vikings against the English but the man is confused that whom he should support in the battlefield because supporting either one of them would mean he is stranding the other. A superb unfolding to a story that paves way for Sword of Kings: A Novel and The Winter King and can be enjoyed by people of all age who like action and thrill dished up at the same time.

Old British accent was needed for this book and Jonathan Keeble is the right Pick because he possesses the style of delivering such dialogues in the right way. The tone of the kings and warriors can be easily distinguished from one another because of the quality narration.


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