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“The Last Mrs. Summers” is a historical mystery novel and the fourteenth book in the Royal Spyness series. The story follows Lady Georgiana Rannoch, an impoverished aristocrat and amateur detective, who is invited to a party thrown by her friend, actress Belinda “Bunny” Summers. Bunny wants Georgie to act as a spy and investigate the mysterious deaths of her colleagues in the film industry.

Georgie agrees to help, and upon arriving at the party, she discovers the host of the party has been murdered. Fearing for Bunny’s safety, Georgie decides to stay and solve the case. As Georgie investigates, she uncovers several secrets and a tangled web of relationships between the victims, the suspects and Bunny.

Georgie becomes more convinced that there is a connection between the deaths. As she gets closer to the truth, she discovers that the motive for the murders is related to an upcoming film project that she and Bunny have been cast in. With the help of her loyal friends and family, including her maid Queenie, her beau Darcy, and her grandfather, she unravels the mystery and reveals the killer. As Georgie solves the murder, she also navigates her complicated personal life, including her love life and her financial struggles. The story ends with a twist that leaves Georgie uncertain about her future in Hollywood.

The Last Mrs. Summers / Royal Spyness, Book 14, Audiobook Online By: Rhys Bowen

Georgie has just returned from her honeymoon with Darcy when a friend in need of help drags her into a du Maurier-like murder in this all-new installment in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness series from Rhys Bowen.

Georgie’s best friend, Belinda, inherits a spooky old house in Cornwall and asks Georgie to go with her to inspect the property. Upon arrival, they meet Rose, a woman Belinda knew as a child when she spent the summer with her grandmother in Cornwall. Belinda never liked Rose, who was always bossy and a bit bullied, but when Belinda’s house became uninhabitable, Rose invited them to stay with her.

Rose is now married to Tony Summers, Belinda’s childhood sweetheart, and lives in the lovely cliff house he inherited. Rose confides that she thinks Tony killed her first wife and now she’s scared. She asks Georgie and Belinda to observe Tony’s behavior and their surroundings. Is Rose imagining everything? Is Tony dangerous? In their quest for answers, they encounter a terrifying butler, Mrs. Manners, and learn that some forgotten tragedy happened on the property many years ago involving them all.

There’s a lot of weirdness going around and things only get weirder – and more dangerous – when one night a family member is found dead. Every clue points to Belinda as the prime suspect. Now Georgie must uncover some long-buried secrets that could prove the victim is indeed the villain before Belinda pleads guilty to the murder.

The story feels a bit different than the other books in the series. Yes, it still has the usual murder of one of Georgie’s best friends under suspicion, but its reveal and plot are actually pretty creepy. The house fire scene at the end is a bit hard to believe because no police officer would ever let a confessed killer get out of sight for an overnight bag, but overall, I found this book to be very enjoyable taste.

I’ve liked all the stories about the Royal Spy but none as much as this one. Jasmine Blackborow has really outdone herself with the storytelling and the story itself is fresh and engaging. I can’t figure out who did it at all, and I’m usually pretty good at finding killers. For all the fun and enjoyment, I thank Miss Bowen.

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