The Lost Fleet (Full Series Audiobooks) by Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell’s series of six books tells us about the fleet that people considered to be dead but the fleet with its hero captain John suddenly returns a century later and join the Alliance fleet when it was about to be destroyed completely.

The author’s story writing techniques can be enjoyed in other books as well including the Ascendant (The Genesis Fleet #2) – Jack Campbell and Destiny of Dragons: The Legacy of Dragons, Book 3 – Jack Campbell. In this lost fleet series, Geary once again wants to live up to the legend of the Black Jack by bringing the Syndic hyper net key back safely. The fleet under the captain Geary wants to help Alliance fleet by destroying the Sancere system after taking another difficult route so that it becomes difficult for the enemy to chase them down.

Tragedy once again gets into way of Geary and his crew when the Alliance ship leaves them stranded after the crew was divided on the war issue and Geary fleet has to do the rest on their own. The mission of the fleet goes bigger and bigger as they not only try to save themselves but they use their full force to protect the whole human race that is facing a threat of survival in the middle of the series.

The fleet moves through different territories of the enemy but still emerges as a successful group of heroes that do the impossible by risking their lives and also getting trapped in the world of animation for a hundred years. Throughout the series the fleet moves from one star to the other in the end becoming victorious finally and making their captain the leader of the people. Christian Rummel narrates in a passionate manner and the listener never feels any dizziness as he is always alert because of the energetic narration of the narrator.

1/The Lost Fleet: Courageous

2/The Lost Fleet: Dauntless

3/The Lost Fleet: Fearless

4/The Lost Fleet: Relentless

5/The Lost Fleet: Valiant

6/The Lost Fleet: Victorious 


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