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The Midnight Star is the third and final book in the Young Elites series by Marie Lu. The story follows the journey of Adelina Amouteru, a survivor of the blood fever that brought power to some and death to many. Adelina possesses dark powers which have grown stronger and more dangerous as she’s gained control over them. In this final installment, Adelina is a queen who is determined to rule Kenettra and to protect the few remaining Elites. But at the same time, she is struggling to control her powers and maintain her sanity. Her past continues to haunt her, and she’s plagued by guilt over the actions she’s taken in the past. Adelina is also faced with a new threat: a group of Inquisitors, led by the ruthless Teren Santoro, are hunting down and executing Elites. Adelina and her small group of allies must protect themselves from the Inquisitors while also working to save the remaining surviving Elites from being hunted and killed. As the story progresses, Adelina begins to spiral out of control, haunted by her own dark powers and the guilt of her past actions. She becomes increasingly paranoid and power-hungry, alienating those closest to her and making rash decisions. In the end, Adelina must decide whether to use her powers for good or for evil, and whether to save her friends and her country or to pursue her own selfish desires. The climactic battle is intense, and in the end, Adelina sacrifices herself to destroy the Inquisitors and give her friends a chance to rebuild their world.

The Midnight Star / The Young Elites, Book 3, Audiobook Online By: Marie Lu

Thrilling finale of the New York Times bestselling Young Elites series from “hit factory” Marie Lu.

Once upon a time darkness covered the world, and darkness had a queen.

Adelina Amouteru is out of suffering. She turned her back on those who betrayed her and achieved her ultimate revenge: victory. Her White Wolf Dynasty was a victorious one, but with each conquest, her cruelty only increased. The darkness within her has begun to spiral out of control, threatening to destroy all that she has achieved.

When a new danger emerges, Adelina is forced to mend old wounds, putting not only herself but all Elites in danger. To protect her empire, Adelina and her Roses must join the Daggers on a dangerous mission – though this nasty alliance could prove to be a real danger.

New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu wraps up Adelina’s story with the haunting and hypnotic finale of the Young Elites series.

All of Marie Lu’s books are wonderfully and artistically written, and this one is no exception. She paints images in your head, not just words on paper, and it’s fun to read any of her books. This book (as well as many of her last) will stir a lot of emotions along the way, but it ends beautifully. I really hope Marie Lu continues to write this trilogy, as she has so much talent in writing. Thanks to the author for another really great boo. It was (obviously!) a pleasure to read, and I recommend it to everyone.

Marie’s Lu’s The Young Elites last book did not disappoint. I love the way the world builds and the characters as they race against time to save themselves from the devastating effects of their powers. There’s a lot of time spent with the characters and I enjoyed the depth that Lu digs into Teren, Rafaele, Lucent, Enzo and Violetta. As always, I appreciate Magiano’s hilariously heartfelt influence on Adelina because she really tries to listen to him when the voices drive her crazy and force her crimes to come forward all the time. from time to time. I love learning more about the gods and the folk tales that rule their world. I can’t put this novel down and I will never forget the Roses, The Daggers and the Young Elites.


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