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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a children’s novel about a china rabbit named Edward Tulane who learns the meaning of love and loss while on a journey to find his way back to his owner, a little girl named Abilene. Edward is initially a cold and self-centered rabbit who loves no one but himself, until he is separated from Abilene and embarks on a series of adventures with various owners. Through his experiences, Edward learns to open his heart to others and understand the power of love and the pain of loss. In the end, Edward is reunited with Abilene and is transformed into a compassionate and loving rabbit who cherishes his family and the world around him.

The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane – Audiobook Online By: Kate DiCamillo

Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a porcelain rabbit named Edward Tulane. The rabbit was very pleased with himself, and for good reason:

It was owned by a girl named Abilene, who treated it with great care and affection.
And then, one day, he got lost.

Kate DiCamillo takes us on an extraordinary journey, from the depths of the ocean to a fisherman’s net, from the top of a rubbish heap to a hoboes’ campfire, from a sick child’s hospital bed to the bustling streets of Memphis. And along the way, we see a real miracle, that even the most vulnerable of hearts can learn to love, lose, and love again.

OH. What a book! This is the kind of book that will make kids who are truly passionate about reading turn the pages. It will be a little more difficult for others unless the teacher asks for a report. But this is a serious kind of book whose main goal is to encourage children to see things as less selfishly and realize that they need to be kind to others while they can. It never says it’s moral: it’s so intimate that it’s never said outright. Your readers may not be impressed at first, but they will go through a little emotional roller coaster with that character: pride, aloofness, sadness/loss, humility, fear, adventure save, connect, anger and despair, hope and appreciation. Also, the finish is strong.

Kate DiCamillo writes such great books. The characters are engaging and empathetic. In particular, in this book, children will learn how a selfish character becomes more empathetic and caring through his journey. Children of all ages will love this book. It can be read to young children and younger readers may enjoy reading it to themselves. I think it’s best to read with adults so they can discuss the lessons Edward has learned along the way. Highly recommended.

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