The Most Fun We Ever Had A Novel (Full Audiobook) By Claire Lombardo

The novel is a battle for true love is on as the new generation tries to find the love that existed in their parents. Claire Lombardo also is of the view that the love of 1970’s was really pure and the new era lacks this feeling because there are doubts and the feeling of anxiety all around. People don’t believe on themselves and their relations also they fail to make the right decisions on the right time.

Marilyn and David had a happy romantic life in their youth and are and ideal for their four daughters. However the daughters don’t have that kind of romance and pleasure in their lives. The first one Wendy becomes a widow at an early age and all the pleasure of her life disappear, though she tries to find a relation in younger men but failure never leaves her sight.

Violet is an anxiety patient because of her personal life affairs and Liza is thinking about getting rid of her pregnant condition because she does not like to bore a child for a man whom she does not love. Grace too has secrets under her sleeve that she cannot share with anyone. Thus family bonds are in a terrible state and no one is satisfied with life as they start pondering on the fact that why their previous generation was enjoying the life so fully.

Emily Rankin’s voice portrays the emotional trauma of the four women who are perhaps on the verge of committing suicide. Still they try to find something positive out of the remains of their lives. The crying and fights are narrated in high pitch by Emily and she really gives her everything in these scenes that form the base of the novel.

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