The Mourner – Parker Book 4

  1. The Mourner is the fourth book in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The theft is a piece of cake. Parker doesn’t mind that the priceless statue is in the home of a Russian diplomat… because he has no qualms about tearing up a Red. Parker didn’t mind that his ex-girlfriend was blackmailing him to get this job… because he was already looking to make another $50k out of the deal. Parker that someone else is trying to steal the first statue. Whether against the mob or the KGB, Parker intends to beat them all in the stealing game. He doesn’t count on a double cross, a blonde twice, and a deadly luger aimed at making him not only second but also final.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The Mourner is the fourth book in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. This is not a detective novel and Parker is not Sam Spade, he was the victim of arm crosses and even received a bullet in “The Mourner”.
The character August Menlo in the novel is a trickster and treacherous enemy and Parker must track him down to recover the statue. Menlo has a deep past as a spy during the Second World War. Menlo’s deception makes him a formidable opponent of Parker.

02- The story begins with Parker waking up to find two attackers breaking into his room. He realizes that his friend Handy McKay is in trouble, as only Handy knows where he is sleeping. The Mourner is a tale of many plots and actions that make hearts stop beating. Parker is authorized by Ralph Harrow, his girlfriend’s father, to steal a statue named Mourner. The rich powerful mandarin authorized his tomb several different mourning statutes. Ralph Harrow discovers one of the Mourners, and asks Parker to steal it for him. Parker agreed to carry out the theft of the priceless statue for $50,000.

Parker is the anti-hero made famous by Richard Stark’s series of crime stories in which the criminal is the main character.
Parker is defeated, shot, and the priceless statue taken from him. My first reaction to his trouble was that ever since he was brought into this by his girlfriend, Bett Harrow, she had probably set up a duel. The Mourner is my favorite Parker novel. I enjoyed this story and recommend it to everyone who enjoys the mystery of crime.

03- Parker is not interested in politics, war or love, but he will rob you and kill you if you get in the way. He got involved in art theft. Parker’s job is all for the money. If there is a history behind an art object, what interests him as The statue in question, the monk in mourning, comes from Dijon. Various historical events have moved it to Canada, then Atlanta, then Boston, now Washington D.C. in the embassy of a fictitious iron-curtain country—another convoluted plot that Parkers doesn’t care about. Parker’s patience is greatly tested by this story. This is the best novel in the series to date since The Hunter. August Menlo is a brilliantly written character that you will absolutely enjoy as you follow his journey.

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