The Obstacle Is the Way

The Obstacle Is the Way is a business book by two authors, Ryan Holiday. The book shows us how to turn adversity into action, the obstacle of action pushing action. Very good book for many young people to turn obstacles into opportunities.

We invite you to follow this wonderful story.

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In the year 170 at night in his tent on the front lines of the war in Germania
Marcus Aurelius the emperor of the Roman Empire
Sat down to write
Or perhaps it was a Dawn at the palace in Rome
We stole a few seconds to himself during the game
Ignoring the Carnage in the floor of the Colosseum below
The exact location is not important
What matters is that this man
Don’t today is the last of the five good emperors
Sat down to write
Not to an audience or for publication but to himself
For himself
And what he wrote is undoubtedly one of history’s most effective formulas for overcoming every negative situation
We may encounter in life
Formula for thriving not just in spite of what happens
But because of it
At that moment he wrote only a paragraph
Only a little of it was original
Almost every thought could
In some form or another be found in the writings of his mentors and idols
Banana scan 85 words Marcus Aurelius so clearly defined an articulated a Timeless idea
Three eclipses the great names of those who came before him
Harry Stone
Junius roostica
Who stoniest Rufus
It is more than enough for us
As Marcus bro
Our actions may be impeded
But there can be no impeding our intentions or disposition
Because we can accommodate and adapt
The Mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the Ops
Go to our acting
And then you concluded with powerful words Destin for maxim
The impediment to action advances action
What stands in the way
Comes the way
And Marcus’s words are the secrets to an art known as turning off the goes upside down
To act with a reverse clause
So there’s always a way out or another route to get where you need to go
So that step-back sir problems are always expected and never permanent
Making certain that what Infuse us
Coming from this particular man these were not idle words
His own range of some 19 years
You experience nearly constant War
Horrific plague
Possible infidelity
And attempted to throw in by one of his closest allies
Repeated an arduous travel across the empire
Major minor to Syria Egypt Greece in Austria
A rapidly depleting Treasury
And incompetent and greedy stepbrother go emperor
And on and on and on
And from what we know he’s truly saw each and every one of these obstacles as an opportunity to practice some virtue
Patience courage Melody resourcefulness Justice
The power He he’ll never seem to go to his head
Neither did the Strasser burden
He rarely Rose to excess or anger
And never to hatred or bitterness
Has Matthew Arnold the SAS for marking 1863
And Marcus we find a man
Who held the highest and most powerful station in the world
And the universal verdict of the people around him
Was it approved and self-worth the oven
It turns out that the wisdom of that short passage from Marcus Aurelius can be found in others as well
Men and women who followed it like he did
In fact it is a remarkable constant down Through the Ages
One can trace the thread from those days in the decline and fall of the Roman Empire
The creative outpourings of the Renaissance
The Breakthrough of the Enlightenment
It’s in starclan the Pioneer Spirit of the American West
The perseverance of the Union cause during the Civil War
In the bustle of the Industrial Revolution
It appeared again in the brave Spirit of the leaders of the civil rights movement and stood tall in the prison camps of Vietnam
And today is surges in the DNA of the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley
This philosophical approach to the driving force of self-made men in the succour to those in positions with great
Billitier great trouble
On the battlefield or in the boardroom
Across oceans in many centuries
Members of every group gender class and cause in business
Have had to confront obstacles
The struggle to overcome them
Learning to turn those obstacles upside down
That struggle is the one constant in all of their lives
Knowingly or not each individual was part of an ancient tradition
Employment to navigate to Timeless train of opportunities and difficulties
Trial & Triumph
We are the rightful heirs to this tradition
It’s our Birthright
Whatever we Face we have a choice
Will we be blocked by obstacles
I will we advance through and over them
We might not be emperor
But the world is still constantly testing us
An ass
Are you Worthy
Can you get past the things that will inevitably fall in your way
Will you stand up and show us what you’re made of
Plenty of people have answered this question in the affirmative
In a rare breed still a show that they not only have what it takes
But thriving rally in every such challenge
And that the challenge makes them better than if they never faced adversity at all
Now it’s your turn to see if you’re one of them
If you’ll join their company


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