The Outfit – Parker Book 3

The Outfit is the third book in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. Outfit is organized crime with capital O. They are brutal and no crooks get past them and live to enjoy it. They want Parker dead, and a killer has proven they have a business in mind. Too bad for the Outfit that he ignored. Biting Outfit is the easy part of Parker’s game.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The Outfit is a film of mystery, intrigue and action. Outfit begins this story by trying to kill Parker. The killer committed the action while Parker was asleep, Parker reversed the action and eliminated the assassin. Parker is one of my favorite characters. I like Parker’s disciplined personality. Parker is outspoken, follows a strict rule that only targets the rich and never hurts the weak, and always behaves like a gentleman.

In “The Outfit”, Parker decides that he has to deal with his problem with organized crime. Our master planner cuts deals with major crime bosses. When he encountered heavy resistance, he decided to change his leadership outfit. Parker can really cause a revolution in Outfit and get a better deal from the new leaders. Parker’s plan was pure genius in its simplicity. Parker knew the Mob’s security weakness and exploited it. Parker knows where the mobs are usually, seeks to undermine security, and provides Parker and his partners with excellent access to swarms of …..

02- Parker is back. His new face was reported to Outfit by the revengeful colleagues of a murdered plastic surgeon. After a failed attempt to take his life by an Outfit assassin, Parker decides to wound the Outfit from coast to coast. Parker has decided to end things once and for all with Outfit boss Bronson. He puts fellow thieves on a mission to attack previously sacrificed Outfit targets across the country. Parker plans to attack Bronson’s Buffalo NY castle. Parker’s awesomeness as he executes his actions with ice in his veins and brutal efficiency. This is the third installment in the series but my favorite by far.

03- This is the third book written by Richard Stark (Donald Westlake). In this one master thief, Parker takes on the Outfit. Parker won’t kill unless absolutely necessary but don’t try to outrun him. All of his thefts are well thought out, but in life sometimes things still don’t go as planned. Parker doesn’t believe in stealing from those who can’t afford it or hurting those who don’t.

04- The third novel in the Parker series features everyone’s favorite professional bandit going head-to-head with Outfit. Parker was almost messed up by an Outfit assassin. This leads Parker to align a strawberry against the activities of Outfit and their head, Bronson.
We see again how Parker works in staging his crimes; buy a stolen car and weapon, to more explosive action than robbing an Outfit club and the final show failing.
Parker has more control over his actions and we can have Richard Stark model Parker to better suit the episodic nature of the series. This is a unique novel.

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