The Push By Ashley Audrain

The Push is a psychological thriller and suspense novel written by Ashley Audrain. This story is a psychological drama written from the perspective of motherhood. This book was a Good Morning America Book Club Pick. It has received praise from critics and other authors. The Toronto-based author has no other audiobooks to her name.

The narration by Marin Ireland is eerily haunting and helps set the tone for the story. She gave it the devastating and creepy effect that is required.

Blythe Connor is resolute in her desire to be the warm, comforting mother to her baby, something that she never received herself. However, in the thick of motherhood’s exhausting days, Blythe becomes worried that there is something wrong with Violet. Her daughter doesn’t behave like other children. Blythe becomes convinced that this isn’t normal.

It might all be in her head. Fox, her husband, says that she’s imagining things. Fox tries to dismiss her fears but he doesn’t do any progress. Blythe starts to question her own state of mind. At the same time, we begin to question whatever Blythe is telling us about her life as well.

Finally, their son, Sam, is born. Blythe has a blissful connection with him that she had always desired. Even Violet seems to love her little brother. However, life has changed in an instant, and now, Blythe must face the truth that she has been avoiding.

This poetic and propulsive book is going to set your nerves jangling. It is a tense psychological drama about the breaking and making of a family. It is about a woman whose experiences of motherhood aren’t what she imagined they would be. This book will challenge your notions of motherhood and what we owe to our kids.

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