THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC By Cassandra Clare, Wesley Chu

Magnus Bane loved Alec Lightwood from the day both of them met each other for the first time, revealing the love remained a problem for both of them initially. Then missions and wars together made them come closer to each other more than they expected. Getting closer to one another allowed them to open the romantic chapter of their lives which is a deadly world that was impossible for them. The love between the two although became exemplary but from both sides, secrets were buried so deep that the other could never reach it at all. Terminating each hurdle from the way both love birds settle in Paris for a romantic holiday trip.

All they wanted was the company of each other with no bad or sad news from the outside world. Demons like those present in City of Bones and Chain of Gold disturb the life of Magnus when a man from her past comes to her. The lady is informed that Crimson Hand i.e an organization that was established by Magnus is planning to bring havoc to the world. The organization was never established for destruction rather it came into being for fun purposes only but now the followers have taken everything seriously.

The followers of the organization worship demons and plan to bring their rule to the world once more. Alec and Magnus have another war at hand which disturbs their utopia completely. Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu mix some old references in the novel and the story gets connected to some old parts too. B.D. Wong the narrator of the novel luckily had some information about those parts so the narration proved an easy job.

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