The Score – Parker Book 5

The Score is the fifth mystery and thriller novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The content of this book is about an impossible crime: knocking down the entire North Dakota town of Copper Canyon – wiping out the factory payroll, the bank, and all the stores in one night. Men behave like professionals, calm and intelligent; if they don’t lose patience, start chasing; decided to take the opportunity to solve the old secret score.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Parker lives in the moment like any good salesman. Not the past or the future. He respects the trusted people he has worked with in the past. Bozzo and other untrustworthy types are wiped out or killed. Parker also has a financial plan. He pays income taxes to establish legitimacy, hoards cash everywhere, and just “works” enough to replenish his cash. Parker has always been a smart criminal. Planning involves the usual Parker preparation. Parker was very cautious, insisting that the details were checked. Death was nothing to celebrate for Parker. Parker kills people methodically – without haste and never involving emotions. Age or gender makes no difference. Despite the best of plans, The Score still had unpredictable double serves.

02- Score is Parker’s most ambitious heist. This idea was presented by a man who knew about a town in North Dakota. The town of Copper Canyon, reachable only by a highway, has a night curfew in place. Easy targets for robbery: a salary warehouse, two banks and several stores with large daily income.

Parker’s first reaction was to turn the job over because it required a large crew, a highway that could be a no-run trap. After careful consideration, Parker’s team wanted the job, and he reluctantly agreed. He must determine how to neutralize the small police force and fire department, get past the security of the mine, stop anyone in town from calling for help, and find an escape plan to avoid arrest.

Parker conceived a plan to meet all requirements with only a crew of 12. The Score is a fast-paced, action-packed crime novel. These specialists planning and executing a complex maneuver to temporarily take control and pillage an entire town is impressive. Plan to perform the task perfectly and attractively.

03- Richard Stark (Donald E Wetake) brings us the best of heists with the Parker novel. Parker talks about a plan to rob the entire town, he’s got the man inside and the number of thieves needed to get out of the caper. Parker and his gang uproot dream capers until the inevitable cross in a Parker novel. The man inside acts according to the plan he devised for revenge. Grofield is an actor who falls into captivity and a teenager who falls in love with his girlfriend after curfew. When the group reaches their hideout after a number of deaths and an inferno, things unravel as the group waits for the police to track them down. The townspeople had to make out-of-town calls through operators at a central switchboard.

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