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The Scribe is a fantasy romance novel. It is the first chapter of the Irin Chronicles. The book is written by Elizabeth Hunter. She is the bestselling author in NYT and USA Today for contemporary romance, fantasy and paranormal mystery. If you are looking to try Elizabeth Hunter for the first time then the most recommended book written by the author is Runaway Fate. A lot of her followers found her The Singer novel quite amusing and entertaining as well.

Zachary Webber is here for the narration of this book and with the experience that Zachary has in the capacity, this book had to sound good in audio. It turned out to be true as per the expectations of the people. The book was narrated exceptionally well.

Hidden right at the significant crossroads of the world, there was a mighty ancient race that was all set to battle for the sake of protecting humanity. Ava Matheson came in to the scene who reached to Istanbul, Turkey to get all the answers. But, there were a few others who came there chasing for her. There was an uncontrolled warrior there to guard all her steps. But, will it be possible for the past life of Malachi to blind him completely from the truth regarding the possible identity of Ava and Malachi and Ava both desperately searched for the answers while those mighty ancient forces came all around them. There were some deadly touches and whispering voices all around them. The passion for them should be impossible.

The book is well paced with some exciting attraction and then superb buildup of romance as well. This book was delivered in a great manner and without sounding overly graphic at all.

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