The Seventh – Parker Book 7

The Seventh is a mystery and suspense novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The content is about a big robbery. The seven men were safely tucked away in different places while Parker kept all the cash. The theft of a college football game goes sour, Parker’s woman is murdered, and the item is stolen. Parker is looking for the underlings who have soiled him. Police are looking for smart thieves including Parker. What do you do to escape the police’s pursuit and return to everyday life?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Parker lives in an apartment with a woman after work. He goes out to drink beer and smokes cigarettes. The woman is dead and the money from the theft is gone, $134,000 is gone. There are seven men involved in the work, the thief being one of them. Parker went to see a man he knew where, Dan Kifka, Little Bob, and Arne Fetchio. The press had done so much about the grisly murder of the woman Parker left behind, he had an idea. Parker was left out, looking for the man who took the money and killed the woman he had set up. Instead of Parker being a cool, rational person who is a perfectionist in his strategy making, he gets angry when he can’t find a stranger while the stranger stalks him.

02- Parker is in trouble. The heist he planned was successful and he was waiting a few days to divide the spoils among the seven men. Each man will receive an equal share, Parker again loses money. Parker was “living with” a woman he had met prior to the robbery. He decided to live with her for a few days after work. On the 3rd day when he returned, she was dead and the money was gone.

The Seventh is primarily a card robbery story. Parker is the hunt for the man who took the money and who killed the girl. Was it an outsider who watched the gang’s actions. Was it a former acquaintance of the girl? How will Parker find the gang and the secret behind this case? This is a story of mystery and suspense. This is one of the better novels about the “anti-hero” Parker.

03- The Seventh is Parker’s perfect novel. The book is a mystery that challenges Parker and forces him to use all his abilities. A strong cast of supporting characters and the plot is not suspenseful. The story finds Parker in the aftermath of a well-done burglary, and keeps the money stolen from the receipt of a big college football game in the apartment of a fireplace he finds. . But then the storm arose killing people, the money was appropriated, and Parker was in police danger because of the murder. To get his money back he must find the real killer. Richard Stark offers a good reason for murder and theft. This is a wonderful literary thriller suitable for readers who love this series.

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