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The Shark Mutiny is a novel by Patrick Robinson and follows the story of Rear Admiral Arnold Morgan who is faced with a mutiny on a US Navy destroyer, the USS Cunningham. Set in the near future, a group of radical US naval officers believe that the US government has abandoned the fight against piracy and has negotiated a peace treaty that is contrary to American interests. They decide to use the USS Cunningham to take matters into their own hands and attack a pirate base in Somalia. Admiral Morgan is brought in to try and contain the situation and prevent a major international incident. The novel is full of action and suspense as the US Navy faces a dangerous mutiny and potential diplomatic crisis. Patrick Robinson weaves together intense military action with political intrigue and offers readers an insight into the complex world of modern naval warfare.

The epic and gripping new thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of U.S.S. Seawolf and Nimitz . Class

An oil tanker mysteriously exploded in the Persian Gulf. Then a second… and a third. For the president’s national security adviser, Admiral Arnold Morgan, it wasn’t just a tragic coincidence – it was an untenable act of blatant aggression.

In cooperation with Iran, the Chinese navy has exploited the Strait of Hormuz, with the intention of holding the world’s oil supplies hostage. Now, 80 percent of the United States’ active sea power is being mobilized – including the USS Shark, an aging nuclear submarine on its final mission – to tear down the deadly alliance between Two mighty enemies.

But something went wrong in a bold retaliatory SEAL attack on Chinese power plants in the Indian Ocean – a disaster that spawned death, cynicism, anger… and rebellion. And with a tumultuous world on the brink of catastrophic conflict, the commanders of a nuclear ship in the twilight of glory must face an unimaginable nightmare: mutiny!

I really liked the book for about half of it. When it was built in suspense about the oil and Taiwan routes. Then the book disappoints. The focus only changed to mutiny and eventually to military courts. Even though it’s fictional, I’m really disappointed in Boomer. Above all, he should understand the damage a deranged captain can do. I hope our real Navy isn’t so stupid and rigid. I’m afraid I know the answer to that question.

As always a great story by Patrick Robinson. If you’ve been in the Navy and in a submarine, you’ll be familiar with this story. He mentioned that officers eat well on submarines. He just forgot that non-officers don’t have such good prices. But it’s still full of Action and a Great Book.

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