THE SHINING (Audiobook) by Stephen King

Each time we open a novel by Stephen King it’s like entering a new domain of imagination where everything happens differently in its own unique manner. The description, however, is always so detailed that we feel immersed or soaked into that world and thus it appears to be real for us.

This time it is the start of a horror series by King in the voice of Campbell Scott who is considered as an expert in the field when it comes to horror stories. The story has more creepy feeling than It and The Stand as the devils and the monsters are always hiding behind the doors and never come clearly in front of us.

The scene of action is a small hotel in which Jack Torrance works and his only purpose behind this job is that he can get a lot of free time in this job. He can spend a lot of his time with his family as there are a few people during the summer and can also concentrate on his writing work as well. Thus he enjoys the job that is not exhausting at all.

However in the winter season the job becomes totally opposite, there is a busier routine with guests coming in and out all the time. Moreover the sinister atmosphere of the winter is what teases Jack above all the things. The person who can see the sinister powers around is the five-year-old Danny with his psychic powers. The novel is more psychological rather than an action pack book that it first appears to be at the start when things start to look a bit spooky to Jack.  

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