The Silent Patient (Full Audiobook) By Alex Michaelides

The mystery thrillers are probably the most read genres of all. The Silent Patient is a type of mystery thriller, which is tempting and highly addictive for the level of suspense and thrill it has. The writer, Alex Michaelides has impressed his followers with his exceptional skills in producing an engaging storyline and giving life to the strong characters of his novel. The narration of this novel is a team affair between Jack Hawkins and Louise Brealey.

The book soon rise to fame after its first edition and got to the top rank of New York Times best-seller list. It is a psychological thriller, where an act of violence by a woman over her husband creates an interesting story. Then, there is a therapist in the plot as well, who is completely obsessed with the need of uncovering the cruel motives of the woman.

The life of Alicia Berenson looks very much a perfect one from a distance. She is an extremely popular painter and got married to an equally famous photographer. She was residing in a huge house that had grand windows bossing an eye-catching view of a park in one of the finest localities in London. One fine evening. Gabriel, husband of Alicia returned quite late from one of his fashion photography session. Upon his arrival at home, Alicia fired 5 shots on his face and didn’t uttered a word after that. Her long silence after this grand tragedy was pointing to many suspicious things.

La paciente silenciosa [The Silent Patient] and Die stumme Patientin are crime mystery novels by Alex Michaelides, who once again has impressed his audience with a grasping storyline, which is immensely suspenseful, thrilling and adventurous. Narration is another strong point associated with these recommended novels.

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