The Sleep Room (Full Audiobook) By Frank Tallis

Frank Tallis is a writer and psychologist who knows very well about neuroscience. He is the author of “The Sleep Room”, which is a beautiful blend of psychological knowledge and the ghost world we have known before. The story has opened up a new dimension, related to the power present in each of us.

James Richardson’s dream came true when he had the opportunity to work with Dr. Hugh Maitland. Jame greatly admired, always learning this famous doctor. Dr. Hug is the inventor of the solution for people with mental illness who cannot bear the pain in their present life. His treatment solution was for them to sleep with a long and deep sleep for consecutive months.

At first James felt very honored to be a member of this neuroscience, but later, he felt the strange behavior of nurses to the patient, the patients of the series slept at the same time. .

To understand how the story will continue, readers continue to listen to the readings below.



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