The Sound of Broken Glass – A James and Kincaid Novel Book 15

The Sound of Broken Glass is the 15th literary fiction novel in the Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels series by acclaimed author Deborah Crombie. The content is about a scorching hot August afternoon at the Crystal Palace, where the major exhibition hall was tragically destroyed, a lonely 13-year-old boy meets his next-door neighbor, a young teacher who just got married. . They blend together because of loneliness, the couple can hardly form a deep bond and end in a broken act of betrayal.

On a cold London morning, Detective Inspector Gemma James goes back to work when her husband Detective director Duncan Kincaid is at home to be his three-year-old adopted daughter. The detective is assigned to lead a murder squad in South London, aided by her trusted colleague, Detective Sergeant Melody Talbot. The first case was a crime scene at a luxury hotel in Crystal Palace; Nhan is a respected lawyer who is found naked bound and wounded as an ascites. Is this an accident or an unwarranted murder? Gemma Group must be find you the clock of you ta – a search that takes them into unexpected corners and they reflect on their weaknesses and passion for murder. They will begin to question everything they think they know about their world and the people they trust most.


Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01-The book deals with a separate mystery and murder, a recurring theme of the family throughout all the stories. Murder often comes to Duncan and Gemma – separately from each other.
This is the story of a murder with quite a few potential suspects. An urban police officer and rower, training for the upcoming Olympics, was found dead on the banks of the Thames at Henley. Suspicion fell on her ex-husband, but Kincaid wasn’t ready yet. What about Kincaid’s former coach, who might not want a rower of Becca’s caliber to compete with his current rowing team? Or her current lover, a former rower and Iraqi combat medic who is currently engaged in search and rescue work? Or is the senior colleague rumored to have harassed female officers for years and blackmailed them without reporting it? And how does one of the four dogs in this novel become instrumental to its solution?

02- This novel for a Deborah Crombie fan, fan updates the back stories of Duncan and Gemma’s shared life and their family. “Private” lives in their circles, encroaching on the darkness and complexity of the murder investigation. The case is being investigated by Gemma and D.S. Her Melody Talbot, has a back story. The book is Deborah Crombie’s best mysteries. They’re part of the appeal of these books for people who haven’t been there.

03- This is a great character-driven mystery from Deborah Crombie. She connects mystery with other things to present a picture of life in the UK. She managed to highlight characters who were previously players in the series, Sergeant Melody Talbot gets the co-star treatment this time.

04- The current structure of the newly promoted Chief Inspector Gemma features an all-female supporting cast and some unauthorized interference by her husband’s family and an incompetent male sergeant who lacks faith. They needed a more solid plot than this to keep it going. General Manager Duncan learned from a letter in his vacant office at New Scotland Yard that he was going to be sent to a suburban area. London certain in the belief of the Met beggars.

05- Kincaid and James have not lost their charm and Crombie continues to achieve the combination of detectability in Sound of Broken Glass. Her style in this story is unusual, alternating a real-time story with lengthy “flashbacks” told in the present tense.
James and Kincaid are like a family now, these mysteries have a little too much coincidence and a little too little honest revelation in them.
Two plots of a present, a past are cut interspersed with a delayed respective development; when the history is finally revealed, it feels like an old story, repulsive in both content and style.
The early revelation of this subplot makes it impossible to believe the red herring committed the crime. Duncan was phenomenally present but he was the subject of a spoiler. On the plus side is a nice surprise for the nice and enjoyable Melody.

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