The Spider’s Web – Sister Fidelma Book 5

The Spider’s Web is a horror and suspense novel in the Sister Fidelma series by author Peter Tremayne. In the spring of 666 AD, Sister Fidelma was summoned to the small Irish village of Araglin. Sister Fidelma supports the Brehon law court as well as the rehab, she investigates the murder of the local leader.

The caravan attacked the motel where Fidelman and Eadulf were staying. This is one of the troubles that Fidelman and Eadulf continue to face.

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Review 1: The Spider’s Web – Sister Fidelma Book 5 by Underfoot

Caught in the Web

Sister Fidelma and Brother Eodulf are sent to a small town to solve a mystery. The mysteries and the murders multiply until it is hard to keep track of the story, which is both sad and evil. Many old Irish names become bewildering. Never fear: all turns out lawfully, but not quite as comforting in the end. One of the lesser Fidelma mysteries. If you want to read them in order, as I do. Go ahead. Otherwise,you can skip this one.

Review 2: The Spider’s Web – Sister Fidelma Book 5 by Kindle Customer

nice on audio to hear how to pronounce Celtic words

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