The Taggerung – Redwall Book 13

The Taggerung is the 13th action book in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. The content is about an outlaw clan consisting of foxes, weasels, storks and other vermin led by the vicious skunk Sawney Rath. They kidnap a newborn Redwall otter to make as their Taggerung – a fierce warrior that no beast can resist in battle. Taggerung is trained in all deadly arts and can fight, surpassing any warrior but Taggerung refuses to kill. What’s a vermin to do when the greatest warrior doesn’t want to kill?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The story of Brian Jacques is about peaceful creatures dealing with violence or unexpected death. Carnivores are, by nature, power-seeking or submissive only to those over them, finding satisfaction in dominating others. The good beasts of the Redwall world, enjoy life through singing, dancing, delicious food, exploration and adventure.
02- “Taggerung” refers to an otter named Deyna, born in Redwall. In the clan of a warlord named Sawney Rath, Grissoul the Seer predicts that Taggerung, a legendary leader, is born. Sawney and his clan go to a stream where Rillflag, Deyna’s father, is performing an otter ritual on him.
Sawney was killed by one of his worms, Rillflag, who then stole Deyna away.

Antigra is a slanderer of his son, Gruven is Taggerung. They renamed Deyna Tagg and trained him as Taggerung. Back in Redwall, the Monastery was once again without a leader. The Otter Mhera, who is actually Deyna’s sister and her friends Gundil the Mole and Lady Cregga have discovered a puzzle from Abbess Song. 2 different plots combined together.

03- These are the most imaginative and funniest stories I’ve heard in a while. Funny characters with excellent voice acting, great storytelling will not let readers down.

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