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The Tower’s Price (Tower of Power, Book 5) by Ivan Kal is a science fiction novel that follows the story of Morgan, a character who unexpectedly dies on Earth after being hit by a car. However, his death takes an unexpected turn when he is chosen by a god, referred to as the Great Lord, to be transported to another planet. This new world operates under game-like rules and serves as a platform for the Great Lord’s experiments.

Morgan finds himself in a completely unfamiliar environment, where he discovers that he now has something he had never truly experienced on Earth: a genuine family. This newfound family becomes an essential aspect of Morgan’s journey in this new world. The novel explores the dynamics of this family and how it impacts Morgan’s life and decisions.

Throughout the story, Morgan navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by the game-like rules of this planet. As he progresses, he encounters various obstacles and adversaries that test his abilities and determination. The novel delves into Morgan’s growth as he learns to adapt to this new reality and harnesses his potential within the game-like system.

The Tower’s Price (Tower of Power, Book 5) combines elements of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure to create an immersive narrative. It explores themes such as identity, family, personal growth, and the power of choice within a unique and captivating setting.

When Morgan is hit by a car and dies on Earth, he never imagined that he would be taken by a god, little g, to another planet – a World governed by rules. like game. Especially since saying that the god likes people to call him the great God, and basically created an entire World to conduct experiments. Nor could Morgan imagine that he would find something he never really had on Earth: a real family.

Many years have passed since Morgan began his second chance at living in that world, and both he and his friends have gained great powers as part of the Great Raid: a The group of people determined to climb to the third floor of the Tower of Power, to floors from which no one had ever returned.

They had lost friends on their climb, but they still shared the same goal of being the first to pass the Great Lord’s test. But there are dangers in the Tower beyond what they can imagine… and not all of them belong there.

Their raiding party will need both luck and wisdom if they are to survive all that the Tower can throw at them. But, in the end, only one thing is certain – no matter what, they will all pay the price for the Tower.

The title of this book says it all! Morgan experiences adversity and overcomes it. Get separated from the group and use Cline to consume and transform his body even more. The story now focuses more on him than on the supporting characters, which is fine. Val and Ves are finally reunited, in a way, with their parents, all short-lived. Val died. Morgan reached the 7th level that no one else had, which his father wanted.

This is how a book should be. Continue where they left off and do not slow down or add or subtract. It hits your jaw and when you think it’s having a good time, it kicks your arm from below you making you fall back.

Arguably this book is excellent, underestimating the plot’s appeal to its readers.
I stumbled across this book for pure entertainment, and in turn, I fell in love with a world that only Ivan Kal could best describe.

The previous 4 books were very interesting but the first book is always the best. Until now. This book is even filled with interesting stories and breathtaking moments. Recommended and I can’t wait for book 6

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