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The Unearthly is the first book in a paranormal romance series written by Laura Thalassa. The story follows the life of Evangeline “Evie” Caine, a young woman who possesses supernatural abilities. The audiobook version of The Unearthly brings this captivating tale to life, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the world of Evie and her extraordinary experiences.

Set in a small town called Rockville, the story begins with Evie’s arrival at an academy known as The International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA). The IPCA is a secret organization that monitors and controls supernatural beings. Evie is not just an ordinary girl; she is a “reaper,” someone who can see through the glamour of paranormal creatures and identify them for what they truly are.

As Evie settles into her new life at the academy, she meets other reapers like herself, as well as various supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves, and faeries. She quickly becomes entangled in a dangerous web of secrets and conspiracies surrounding the IPCA. With her unique abilities, Evie becomes a valuable asset to the agency, assisting in capturing and containing rogue paranormal creatures.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Evie encounters Lend, a shape-shifting creature known as an “empty.” Lend is unlike any being she has ever encountered before, and their connection is immediate and undeniable. As their relationship deepens, Evie begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself and the world around her.

As Evie delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the IPCA and her own origins, she discovers dark secrets that threaten not only her own safety but also the lives of those she cares about. She must navigate treacherous alliances and make difficult choices to protect herself and those she loves.

The Unearthly audiobook takes listeners on a thrilling journey filled with romance, suspense, and supernatural elements. Laura Thalassa’s vivid storytelling and well-developed characters make for an engaging and immersive listening experience. The audiobook format allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the world of The Unearthly, bringing the story to life through expert narration and sound effects.

In conclusion, The Unearthly audiobook by Laura Thalassa is a captivating paranormal romance that follows the journey of Evie Caine as she discovers her supernatural abilities and becomes entangled in a dangerous world of secrets and conspiracies. With its compelling storyline and well-crafted characters, this audiobook is sure to captivate fans of the genre.

The Unearthly / The Unearthly, Book 1, Audiobook Online By: Laura Thalassa

The first time I was declared dead, I lost my past. The second time, I lost my humanity. Now I am being hunted, and if I die again, my soul will be confiscated.

After enrolling at Peel Academy, an elite supernatural boarding school on the British Isles, Gabrielle Fiori, the ultimate siren, just wants to fit in. Instead, the elixir used to awaken her supernatural abilities killed her.

When Gabrielle awoke in the morgue 12 hours later, something evil awakened within her, something not even the supernatural community had seen before. Now, the only person who can help her is Andre de Leon, the community’s notorious bad boy and king of vampires.

However, even his help can’t stop Gabrielle’s repeated attempts at life. Someone is after her, and they won’t stop to end her short existence. Only Gabrielle couldn’t let that happen with her soul hanging, because she might have met the devil. And he wants her. Bad.

I was quite surprised by how the story developed. I bought the audio track based on the title, and upon looking at the details, I was disappointed with my choice because of the high school setting and age. Imagine my surprise that the main character actually had quality and not an immature, needy character. I love Gabriel, the story is very mysterious and fascinating. I will definitely get a sequel to the series. I love the author, she tells the most beautiful, most enchanting stories.

So, like most people, I fell in love with Laura Thalassa’s books after reading The Bargainer series. I know nothing about this series and am completely ignorant of it and I have no regrets at all! Some parts of it reminded me of Harry Potter, but intended for a YA audience rather than the high school level. And instead of witches and wizards, everyone has something different. It’s fun and a quick read, and the romance isn’t too rushed, but it doesn’t last long either. I will definitely fall in love with this series.

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