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The Valens Legacy Publisher’s Pack 3 is a compilation of two books, namely The Valens Legacy, Book 5 and The Valens Legacy, Book 6, written by Jan Stryvant. These books continue the thrilling and action-packed story of Jackson Rook, a former Marine who discovers that he has inherited a powerful magical legacy.
In Book 5, titled “The Siege of Zoldex,” Jackson finds himself facing a new challenge as he becomes embroiled in a war between two powerful factions within the magical community. With his newfound powers and allies, Jackson must navigate the treacherous political landscape and protect those he cares about. As the siege on Zoldex intensifies, Jackson’s abilities are put to the test as he battles against formidable enemies.
Book 6, titled “The Battle of New Orleans,” picks up where the previous book left off. Jackson continues to strengthen his magical abilities and forms new alliances in preparation for the ultimate battle against his enemies. As the title suggests, much of the story takes place in New Orleans, where Jackson must confront powerful adversaries and make difficult choices that will shape the future of his magical legacy.
Throughout these books, Jan Stryvant weaves together elements of urban fantasy, action, adventure, and romance to create an engaging and immersive reading experience. The Valens Legacy series explores themes of power, loyalty, friendship, and personal growth as Jackson navigates the complex world of magic.

The Valens Legacy Publisher’s Pack 3 / The Valens Legacy, Book 5 – 6, Audibook Online By: Jan Stryvant

When it fell, book 5:

After successfully fighting the Ascendants used by Vestibulum as a cover for the mass murder of their old enemies, Sean has discovered that Vestis is far more ruthless and dangerous than the two previous councils he had met we fought. After 200 years of holding leadership positions in all the councils, it is clear that Vestibulum will not give up anything to anyone.

Although Sean has promised not to go to war, it increasingly looks like that choice won’t be his. Especially when the other Ascending chapters call for revenge for their dead.

Then there are the people Sean saved from the Ascendants during the raid, all of whom he was responsible for and he must now provide them with a place to live as well as protection from magic. of their former owners. After that, there were four dark elves that were freed during the raid, two of whom are currently very concerned about Sean, and one is not afraid to let him know, constantly.

And how do you introduce your mother to (some of) your wives when she shows up in the next few days?

Standing on it, book 6:

Once again, Sean’s home was attacked by one of the Councils, only this time they committed what they hoped would be an overwhelming force. While Sean and his family won the fight, Sean was seriously injured and had to retire. For Roxy and the others, saving Sean’s life has become a priority, but there is still work to be done to ensure their victory. Those duties belong to Sean’s other wives as they continue the work Sean left unfinished.

Although Vestibulum may have lost this final battle, they were by no means giving up the fight. They know they have hurt Sean, so their leaders hope that without his leadership, they can launch a new attack and kill him before he can. chance of recovery. News of Sean’s hardships also spread to some of his other enemies, who also wanted to try and take advantage of these events.

Thankfully, Sean has allies, and they’re on the move to try and save his life. But can they get there in time?

This book and the entire series leaves you wanting more and more. Like I really want to know more about lion stories, history and past. In this book, I felt like it stretched to the end and needed more, however this is more than just a book so I understood that I just wanted more.

This series is a great series if you like books about women getting their ass kicked and a guy just trying to keep his head above the water and please those women in some raw way. watery and steamy while kicking his ass, naming and solving problems he doesn’t know requires magic and sometimes in more brutal ways, you’ll love this book


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