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The Vampire’s Valentine Surprise is a novella written by Kristen Painter and is part of the Nocturne Falls series. The book is narrated by B. J. Harrison. Set in the fictional town of Nocturne Falls, where supernatural creatures live openly among humans, this story follows the romantic journey of a vampire named Sebastian Ellingham and a witch named Tessa Blythe.
The story begins with Sebastian, who is known for his playboy reputation, feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day. He decides to attend a charity event organized by Tessa, hoping to find some company for the evening. Tessa, on the other hand, has always had a crush on Sebastian but believes he is out of her league.
When Sebastian arrives at the event, he is immediately drawn to Tessa and realizes that she is the one he wants to spend Valentine’s Day with. However, he knows that he needs to convince her that he is serious about her and not just looking for a fling.
Throughout the evening, Sebastian tries to show Tessa how much she means to him. He surprises her with thoughtful gestures and compliments, slowly breaking down her walls and insecurities. Tessa starts to see a different side of Sebastian, one that is caring and genuine.
As the night progresses, their connection deepens, and they share a passionate kiss. Tessa finally realizes that Sebastian truly cares for her and decides to take a chance on love. They spend the rest of the evening together, enjoying each other’s company and falling deeper in love.
The Vampire’s Valentine Surprise explores themes of self – worth, taking risks in love, and finding happiness when least expected. It showcases the power of vulnerability and how it can lead to meaningful connections.
Overall, this novella provides a heartwarming and romantic story set in the enchanting world of Nocturne Falls. It offers readers a glimpse into the lives of Sebastian and Tessa, two characters who find love in unexpected ways.

The Vampire’s Valentine Surprise / Nocturne Falls, Book 5.5, Audiobook Online By: Kristen Painter

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year.

The tourists think it’s all just a show: vampires, werewolves, witches, occasional gargoyles flying in the sky. But the supernatural people who reside in the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Canines, furs, and all.

When Delaney Ellingham attended a Valentine’s Day barbecue at Nocturne Falls, she had no idea that an old rival would create such havoc. Her husband, Hugh, and her friends all came to her aid, but even they couldn’t predict what was about to happen.

This is a super cute and short between Novella. It’s book 5.5 of the Nocturne Falls series. In The Vampire’s Valentine Surprise, we catch Hugh and Delaney Ellingham, the couple from book 1 of the series. Delaney entered the town’s special cookie, candy, and pastry baking contest. However, she feels down and sick, very unlike vampires because they don’t have colds or flu. In this book, we are also introduced to Delaney’s friend Roxy, who is planning to move to Nocturne Falls. She is the main character in the next full book. I look forward to reading it.

Another great and soon to be the perfect addition to this absolutely amazing town. I love that ms. The artist made some updated smaller stories about how the characters eat. It’s great when an author gives you more information about your favorite characters so you know how they’re doing. The world and town Ms. Painter made it so unique and book after book was a big surprise. In most series, after a couple gets their story, they are only mentioned briefly in any other book, except ms. Painter brings those characters back and puts them back in the center, which is exactly what I love. As a reader, I want to know what the characters are up to after their stories are told. I want to see more stories about them. I love this series and recommend it to everyone.

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