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The Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women is a book written by Rosalie Gilbert that explores the intimate and often hidden aspects of women’s sexuality during the medieval period. Gilbert delves into various aspects of women’s lives, including marriage, childbirth, contraception, infidelity, and prostitution, shedding light on the complex and nuanced experiences of women in a time when their sexual desires and activities were often shrouded in secrecy.
In this book, Gilbert challenges the common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding medieval women’s sexuality. She argues that despite the prevailing notion of women being passive and submissive in matters of sex, many women actively pursued their desires and engaged in sexual relationships outside of marriage. Gilbert draws on a wide range of historical sources, including court records, diaries, letters, and literature from the period to provide a comprehensive understanding of medieval women’s sexual lives.
One of the key themes explored in the book is the concept of courtly love. Gilbert discusses how courtly love was an idealized form of romantic love that often existed outside the confines of marriage. She highlights how women played an active role in courtly love relationships, engaging in passionate affairs with knights and troubadours. These relationships provided an outlet for emotional and sexual expression that was not available within the confines of marriage.
Gilbert also examines the role of contraception and abortion in medieval society. She reveals that women in this era had access to various methods of contraception, including herbal remedies and amulets. Additionally, she explores the prevalence of abortion during this time, highlighting how women sought out both medical and non – medical means to terminate unwanted pregnancies.
Furthermore, the book delves into the topic of prostitution during the medieval period. Gilbert challenges the notion that all prostitutes were marginalized and exploited individuals. She argues that some women willingly chose a life of prostitution as a means to gain financial independence or escape oppressive marriages. Gilbert provides examples of powerful courtesans who held significant influence and wealth.
Overall, The Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women offers a comprehensive and nuanced exploration of women’s sexuality during the medieval period. By drawing on a wide range of historical sources, Gilbert challenges common assumptions and sheds light on the diverse experiences of women in matters of sex and desire.

The Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women – Audiobook Online By: Rosalie Gilbert

An “interesting, informative, and thought – provoking” look at romance, courtship and other intimacy behind closed doors in the Middle Ages (Dr. Markus Kerr, PhD, MDR).

Were medieval women slaves to their husbands’ desires, jealously secured by a belt of virginity in his absence? Is sex an obligation or can it be a pleasure? Does a woman have a say in her sexuality, her own female body, and who has or hasn’t approached it closely and personally? No and yes. It’s very complicated.

The intimate life of medieval women was as complicated as it is for modern women. They love and lose, hope and plot, rise and fall. They had hoped and failed. Some are forced, others make aphrodisiacs and dress for success. Some are pure and some are lustful. Sex is complicated. No sex, even more so.

Inside The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women, a gripping book about medieval life, you’ll discover tantalizing true stories about medieval women and a wealth of historical facts.

Absolute gem of a book. Not only was it informative and extremely well researched, but there were many aspects of humor and witty commentary that made me laugh out loud. The excellent writing style delights the reader….unfortunately, the pale print quality of the text makes it quite eye – catching. Definitely NOT the fault of the author, but the publisher needs to improve their quality control. I assumed the book was digitally printed…. in other words, running on an overgrown commercial copier that was hailed as a “printer” and not a traditional ink offset printer. Hopefully not all books have such poor print quality, because such a well – written book really deserves better quality.

Sometimes a topic like the Middle Ages can be dry and covered by old white men from dusty libraries. It was great to read this book. It’s definitely dust free by any means. This is so juicy, scandalous and fun. I almost wanted Sex in the City to take place in the Middle Ages. The author has magically brought the women’s world to life in this era, using well -done research and amusing snippets of imaginary conversations between women and men. at that time. There are several times in this book that I have burst out laughing at the humor and obscenity. A must read for anyone who loves history and the women who have inhabited it.

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