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“The Wars of the Roosevelts: The Ruthless Rise of America’s Greatest Political Family” is a non-fiction book written by William J. Mann and narrated by Christopher Grove. The book delves into the history and political journey of one of America’s most prominent and influential families, the Roosevelts. The Roosevelts, consisting of Theodore, Franklin Delano (FDR), and their extended family, played crucial roles in shaping American politics throughout the 20th century. This book explores the power struggles, rivalries, and conflicts within the family, as well as their relentless pursuit of political power.

“The Wars of the Roosevelts” examines the different tactics employed by Theodore and FDR as they climbed the political ladder, often engaging in ruthless battles to secure their positions. The book also sheds light on the challenges they faced, such as the Great Depression, World Wars, and various domestic and international crises.

William J. Mann provides a comprehensive and captivating account of the Roosevelts’ political journey, chronicling their triumphs, failures, and the lasting impact they had on American society. Whether you are interested in American history, politics, or the dynamics of a powerful family, this book offers insight into the rise of the Roosevelt dynasty.

The award-winning author presents a provocative, modern revisionist biographical history of one of America’s greatest and most influential families – the Roosevelt family – that exposes secrets hitherto unknown family secrets and details the intricate family rivalries with his signature cinematic flair.

Drawing on previously concealed historical documents and interviews with the long-silent “illegal” branch of the family, William J. Mann paints an elegant, well-reported group portrait. Thorough and groundbreaking study of this legendary family. Mann argues that the Roosevelts’ rise to power and prestige was actually fueled by a series of intense individual competitions that sometimes turned into blood sports. His gripping and eye-opening masterpiece is the story of a family at war with itself, of Darwin’s most ruthless socialism – in which the strong devour the weak and reject the unjust. convenient.

Mann focuses on Eleanor Roosevelt, who he argues experienced this atrocity firsthand, watching her uncle Theodore ruthlessly destroy her father, Elliott – his brother and bitter rival – for political purposes. Mann offers a compelling alternative picture of Eleanor, claiming that this “respectable niece” actually holds a grudge against TR for the rest of her life and dares to speak the truth about her intimate relationships. without concealing, explaining or labeling.

Mann also focuses on the cousins of Eleanor, the children of TR, whose stories promote family rivalry but have never been fully documented before, as well as his half-brother. her illegitimate son, Elliott Roosevelt Mann, who inherited his family’s ambitions and skills without their names and privileges. Raised in poverty, just a few kilometers from his wealthy relatives, Elliott Mann embodies the American dream, rising into a prosperous middle class and enjoying one of the very few marriages. lasting happiness in the story of Roosevelt. For the first time, The Wars of the Roosevelts also included stories about Elliott’s daughters and grandchildren.

Deeply psychological and exquisitely rendered, The Wars of the Roosevelts not only sheds light on the enviable powers but also the profound shame of this famous and influential family.

This book, with its many characters, all of whom lived and died long ago brings life and fine details to the great Roosevelt family in a very personal way. Reading is also beautiful. The only mistake was that Edith Roosevelt and her daughter-in-law never, ever raised their little finger while drinking tea!

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