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“The Watchmaker’s Daughter” is the first book in the “Glass and Steele” series by C. J. Archer, narrated by Emma Powell. The story takes place in Victorian London and follows the protagonist, India Steele, who is a watchmaker’s daughter. After her father’s death, India becomes the sole caregiver of her younger sister and is struggling to make ends meet. She is presented with an opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money by deciphering a cryptic message for the handsome and mysterious American, Matthew Glass.

As India delves deeper into the task at hand, she uncovers a dark and dangerous conspiracy involving powerful people in society. Together with Glass, who possesses unusual abilities, India sets out to solve the mystery and uncover the truth. Throughout the book, India and Glass navigate their growing attraction to each other while facing numerous obstacles. As they unravel the mystery, they face danger at every turn and are forced to confront their own limitations and fears. “The Watchmaker’s Daughter” is an engaging historical fantasy with an intriguing mystery, romance, and suspense-filled plot. Emma Powell’s narration brings the characters to life, immersing the listener in the world of Victorian London.

India Steele is desperate. Her father is dead, her fiancé has taken her inheritance, and no one will ever hire her, despite having worked for many years for her watchmaker father. Indeed, other watchmakers in London seem to fear her. Alone, poor and free of ties, India takes a job with the only person who accepts her – a mysterious and mysterious man from America, a man who owns a strange watch that helps him recover. was born when he was sick. Matthew Glass had to find a particular watchmaker, but he wouldn’t tell India why any old watch wouldn’t fit. Nor will he tell her what he does back home, and how he can afford to stay in a house in one of London’s prettiest streets.

So when she reads about an American outlaw called the Dark Rider coming to England, she suspects Mr. Glass is a fugitive. When danger came to their doorstep, she was sure of it. But if she informs the authorities, she will again find herself unemployed and homeless – and she will betray the man who saved her life. With a quirky cast of characters, a gripping mystery, and a touch of romance, The Watchmaker’s Daughter is the start of a thrilling new historical fantasy series from the author of the best-selling Ministry of Curiosities series, Freak House and Emily Chambers Spirit. Medium book.

This book is mostly a mystery, and the plot surprised me at the end, I thought I figured it all out, but I didn’t. I enjoyed the romantic parts of the book and the flirtation between India and William.

The cute story of a young girl mistreated by her fiancé, who found a savior under unusual circumstances. She matures to find her own voice among strangers she’s unsure of, while she helps them solve a magical mystery.

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