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The book “The Waterboy” by Talena Winters tells the story of Zale Teague, who thought he was an ordinary boy until he caused an explosion with lightning. He is now on the run to protect his loved ones from disaster, but can he outrun the demon within?

“The Waterboy” adds more details to Zale’s life and character. Although it’s short, it provides an introduction to the main characters while also keeping the reader wanting more. The book is well-written with interesting characters and action, although there are some parts that may be disliked, such as bullying.

Where do you hide yourself?

Zale Teague grew up thinking he was just an ordinary boy – until the day he called lightning from the sky and caused an explosion with terrifying consequences. Now, just 11 years old, he is on the run across England to protect his loved ones from disaster. But will he ever be able to overcome the demon within?

The learning curve of a young boy accessing his own content renewed my own youthful emotions… fear, confusion, hope, joy, clarifying my worth close. The Water Boy is, in a sense, each of us. I want to continue reading the next part(s) in the series!

Talena Winters’ Water Boy is a novel that tells the story of Zale. It’s not necessary to read it before The Undines Tear, but if you’re going to read the series, I highly recommend adding it to your reading list. Undines Tear covers the basics, but The Waterboy adds a lot of detail about his life and how he got to the gypsies.

Since this is just a prequel and is shorter in length, reading won’t take long. The book is long enough to give you a basic introduction to all the main characters while piqued your interest enough to want to read the rest of the series.

It’s well-written, fluid, and has interesting characters. There’s a lot of action in this novel, and it moves quickly. There were some parts of the novel that I didn’t like, such as the bullying, but they weren’t overwhelming.

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