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The Wedding Thief by Mary Simses is a novel that revolves around the complicated relationship between two sisters, Sara and Mariel Harrington. Sara is a driven and organized event planner, while Mariel is more carefree and artistic. The story begins when Sara’s mother tricks her into returning to their hometown in Connecticut, only to find Mariel waiting for her with the intention of reconciling their strained relationship and seeking assistance with her upcoming wedding.

As the sisters spend time together, they begin to unravel the deep-rooted issues that have caused their rift over the years. Sara is initially reluctant to help Mariel, as she feels overshadowed by her sister’s free-spirited nature and lack of responsibility. However, as they delve into the wedding preparations, they start to understand each other better and realize that their differences can actually complement one another.

Throughout the novel, various themes are explored, including family dynamics, forgiveness, and self-discovery. Sara learns to let go of her need for control and embrace spontaneity, while Mariel gains a deeper understanding of the importance of commitment and responsibility. The story also touches upon the complexities of love and relationships, as both sisters navigate their own romantic entanglements.

The Wedding Thief is a heartwarming tale that showcases the power of forgiveness and the strength of familial bonds. It highlights the transformative nature of personal growth and emphasizes the importance of communication in resolving conflicts. With its blend of romance, humor, and introspection, this novel offers readers an engaging and relatable story about sisterhood and second chances.

The Harrington sisters never got along. Sara is a career-focused, Category A event planner, while her sister Mariel is the opposite: bohemian, part-time job, and newly engaged. When Sara’s mother lures her back to Connecticut under false pretexts, she is distraught to discover Mariel is waiting for her, eager to mend their relationship – and get help with final arrangements. same before her big day. The sisters haven’t spoken since the night Sara realized something was going on between Mariel and Sara’s boyfriend, Carter Pryce. And now Mariel is about to marry Carter, the man she stole from Sara, the man Sara still loves.

When Mariel asks Sara to be her bridesmaid and has to cancel at the last minute, Sara realizes it’s the perfect cover to expose the wedding and win Carter back. Sara begins to slowly sabotage Mariel’s picturesque wedding, but when she meets David Cole, he challenges her self-image as the second woman to be dumped after her professional sister. steal her limelight. Will Sara realize what a zilla bridesmaid she became in time to repair the damage before Mariel’s big day?

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this book is! I laugh out loud! This is real entertainment. A real escape from the stressful world we live in. Although this book is slow in some places, it is a great book overall. This is the first book I read by this author and it won’t be my last. She captured my interest throughout the book, and for most of the book, I wanted it to go faster.
I enjoyed her characters and could definitely feel close to them. I found myself screaming at the characters and for the characters. For me, that’s my standard for a truly exceptional book.

Sara Harrington has always felt that she has to be a responsible person, she is focused on her career and is an event organizer. She was dating Carter, that was until her sister Mariel showed up and now Mariel and Carter Pryce are getting married. Saddened by this, Sara moves from California to Chicago and has no intention of forgiving her sister. When Sara’s mother calls from Connecticut and brings her back to her hometown under false pretense, she is really upset that her sister Mariel is there. Things really get interesting when one of Mariel’s bridesmaids cancels their date and Mariel thinks Sara is going to step up. Sibling rivalry reminds me of my own childhood, I had to take responsibility while others did whatever. Author Mary Simses brings the book to life with Sara thinking she still wants Carter, running into David and the way Sara is trying to put the artwork back together, Her Mom always seems to sided with Mariel. A great read and a book that really gets you out of your life right now.

I loved the book, until the very abrupt ending. The book ends and ends too quickly compared to all the plots that preceded it. I absolutely loved the book until the last 3 or 4 chapters. They are very short. All of Mary’s books are light and funny, and I enjoyed all of them, but this one could definitely have more meat for the ending.



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