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In the summer of 1976, it was fruit picking season on an Australian stone orchard run by Celia, a hardworking woman in her 40s. Years ago, when her husband was killed as a bystander during an armed robbery, Celia left the city and brought her newborn daughter, Zoe, to this farm for a safe life. . Now 16 years old, Zoe is a smart, passionate girl who always fights against her mother’s protection, longing to find intensity and a little danger.

Infiltrating this world as itinerant fruit pickers are a pair of desperate brothers from Sydney. Tough Sheena kidnaps Kieran, her wild, boisterous 18-year-old brother, and drags him out west, away from trouble in the city. Kieran and Zoe are attracted to each other the moment they meet, sparking excitement, anxiety, desire, trouble….

How do we protect the people we love? How can we bear to see them enter a dangerous world with no guarantee of safety or happiness? What must humans trade with darkness to survive? From the author of Descendants and the author of Useful, The Whole Bright Year is a gripping, satirical, and tender novel about how holding on too tightly can cost us what we love. precious.

The Whole Bright Year is a soft meandering novel with so many lovely moments and a surprising end. Maria does an incredible job narrating the story and voicing the characters to really light your imagination. Highly recommend.

What a jewel of a story – emotionally poignant, great plot, drama and characters. Oswald has a knack for Aussie vernacular of the 70’s, and showing us every characters perspective. A wild ride.
Loved everything about this book. The finely crafted characters, the setting, the pace and the sheer magic of being held within the story.
I really enjoyed this book, different to what I was expecting which is always nice! The narrator could have used a few more voices, that always makes the book more interesting! But I still enjoyed it! welcome you listening the audiobook!



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