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The Wife He Needs is a romance novel that explores the themes of love, family, and identity. The story follows the life of successful businessman, Alexander “Alex” Wright, who is engaged to the beautiful and intelligent Lauren Collins. However, Alex’s life is turned upside down when he meets Lauren’s identical twin sister, Rachel, and falls deeply in love with her.

As Alex struggles to choose between the two women he loves, he must also confront the secrets and lies that have been tearing his family apart for years. With the help of his loyal friends and advisors, Alex must navigate the complex web of relationships and make a choice that will change his life forever.

Will this single billionaire say “I do” to love? Find out, only from New York Times bestselling author, Brenda Jackson!

He desired her more than any other woman. But falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.

The arrangement was simple: a two-week vacation, followed by a marriage of convenience. Until Garth Outlaw’s potential bride is absent. Now family pilot Regan Fairchild is sharing the same bed – and he can’t get enough… even though he swore he’d never love again. Can Regan convince him that the wife he needs and the woman he wants are one and the same?

The Wife I Need. This book is very good. It brought a fairy tale to life for Regan. Regan and her family worked for the Outlaws for many years. Now Regan is Garth’s pilot after her father retired. But deep down Regan always had a crush on Garth. When he decided to take a trip to Santa Cruz, he asked Regan to drive him there, where he was supposed to meet a woman he got from a dating service. At first, Regan was disappointed that she had found someone, but she discovered that the woman was not in Santa Cruz because of a scheduling error. When Garth discovered this, he decided to invite Regan instead as his sister suggested. Now they spend two weeks together on a remote island. Regan is determined to show Garth what he might be missing about her. The book is a good romantic story.

  • The Wife He Needs

  • A Boss Employee Vacation Romance
  • By: Brenda Jackson

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