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The Winter Witch

“The Winter Witch” is a historical fiction novel written by Paula Brackston, published in 2013. The story takes place in the early 19th century in England and Wales, and follows the life of a young woman named Morgana, who is accused of being a witch.


Morgana is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who lives with her father, a wealthy landowner, and her mother, a kind and gentle woman. However, her life is turned upside down when her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, and her father remarries a cruel and heartless woman named Sophia.

As Morgana struggles to adjust to her new life, she begins to experience strange and frightening events that she cannot explain. She starts to see ghosts and hear voices, and soon becomes convinced that she has inherited her mother’s magical abilities.

Despite her fear and uncertainty, Morgana is determined to learn more about her powers and how to control them. She seeks out the help of a local wise woman named Cai, who teaches her about the ancient magic of the Welsh witches.

As Morgana’s abilities grow stronger, she must navigate the dangerous and often deadly world of witchcraft, where she is hunted by those who seek to destroy her and her kind. Along the way, she discovers unexpected allies and enemies, and must make difficult choices about who she can trust and how far she is willing to go to protect herself and those she loves.

Paula Brackston transports listeners to the windswept mountains of Wales in this enchanting story of love and magic.

In her small early 19th century Welsh town, there is no one quite like Morgana. She’s petite, agile, and beautiful enough to attract a suitor, but there are things that set her apart from other girls. Although her mind is very sharp, she has not spoken since she was a young girl. Her silence is a mystery, as is her magic – objects in the house seem to move at her command, bad luck visits those who harm her.

Worried for her safety, her mother is anxious to see Morgana married, and Cai Jenkins, the widowed driver from the distant hills, who knows nothing of the rumors swirling around her, seems is the best choice. After the wedding, Morgana is heartbroken to leave her mother and is wary of this man she does not know, who will take her away to start a new life.

But she soon falls in love with Cai’s farm and the wild mountains that surround it. Here, where humans are weak at the mercy of the elements, she thrives, her wild nature and her magic blooming. Cai endeavors to understand the beautiful, semi-domesticated creature he has chosen as his bride, and gradually, he begins to win Morgana’s affections.

However, it wasn’t long before her strangeness began to be noticed in her new village. A dark force is at work there – one that will stop at nothing to turn the townspeople against Morgana, even at the cost of those closest to her. Forced to protect her home, her man and herself from all comers, Morgana must learn to harness her powers or she will lose everything in this enthralling, beautifully written novel.

I was invested in this book and its characters quite early on… I had no illusions about it being a ‘good novel’ but I was expecting a good book with interesting, relatable characters. Dear, clearly defined plot and a smart, well-thought-out conclusion that explains all the mysteries of the book… Oh, I get part of it now…

The main characters are interesting and very likable… The ‘enemies’ are cruel enough to drive the plot… The plot has its own moments and has many unpredictable details… A budding love story The hatch is quite nice and professionally done. .. but the ending in the last chapter completely ruined the book for me… Yes, it ended ‘well’, as a book full of tragedy and love should have ended.. . They lived and were immersed in love… However, most tragedies are meaningless heartbreak – seemingly just for effect, it is used to advance the plot in some cases In other cases, it’s just that tragedy strikes for no good reason…

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