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The Witching Hour is a novel written by Anne Rice, published in 1990. It is the first book in The Mayfair Witches series, which follows the lives of the Mayfair family, a powerful and secretive dynasty of witches spanning several generations.

The story revolves around Rowan Mayfair, a neurosurgeon from San Francisco who discovers her connection to the Mayfair family after the death of her mother. She inherits a vast fortune and a historic mansion in New Orleans called the Garden District. As Rowan delves into her family’s history, she becomes aware of her own latent powers and the dark secrets that have plagued her ancestors for centuries.

The narrative is structured as a tale within a tale, with the main story being told by Michael Curry, a man who becomes romantically involved with Rowan. Michael is haunted by a spirit named Lasher, who has been connected to the Mayfair family for generations. Lasher is an ancient and powerful being who seeks to control and manipulate the Mayfairs for his own gain.

As Rowan uncovers more about her family’s past, she learns about the Talamasca, a secret society of scholars who have been observing and documenting supernatural phenomena for centuries. The Talamasca play a significant role in the novel as they provide historical context and guidance to Rowan on her journey.

Throughout the book, Rice explores themes of power, destiny, and the consequences of immortality. The Mayfair witches are portrayed as complex characters with both extraordinary abilities and personal flaws. The novel delves into their struggles with their own identities, relationships, and the burden of their supernatural heritage.

The Witching Hour combines elements of horror, romance, and mystery to create a richly detailed and atmospheric story. Rice’s vivid descriptions bring New Orleans to life, immersing readers in its unique culture and folklore. The novel also incorporates elements of the Gothic tradition, with its dark and brooding atmosphere and intricate family history.

Once again demonstrating her spellbinding gift for storytelling, Anne Rice makes us realize a great dynasty of four centuries of witches – a family passionate about poetry and incest, murder and philosophy. study, a family through the ages is haunted by a powerful, dangerous force. , and the seducer known as Lasher, who haunts the women of Mayfair.

Traveling back in time from present-day New Orleans and San Francisco to ancient Amsterdam and Louis XIV’s France, from the coffee plantations of Port-au-Prince to Civil War New Orleans and back to the present day, Anne Rice has crafted a captivating story that challenges everything we believe.

I’m so excited to start this new Ann Rice witch series. I really like Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned. However, this book is a cross between a poorly written romance and a boring history textbook. The characters aren’t very believable or sympathetic. Men lust after any woman with cleavage and women will do anything to achieve orgasm. I keep listening and hope it gets better. By the end of the book, I personally wanted to burn all the witches alive. Great storyteller is the only reason I made it to the final round.

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