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“The Wolf at the Door” is the 17th book in the Sean Dillon series by Jack Higgins. The novel follows the character Sean Dillon, a former IRA enforcer turned British government operative, as he faces a new threat. The story begins with a terrorist attack on the London Underground, which sets off a chain of events that leads to an international conspiracy involving a wealthy Saudi prince, a rogue Russian spy, and a deadly plan to destabilize the world.

In “The Wolf at the Door,” Sean Dillon and his team must race against time to unravel the complex web of deceit and stop the terrorists before they can carry out their devastating plan. As they navigate through dangerous territory and face numerous adversaries, including traitors within their own ranks, they must rely on their skills, resourcefulness, and courage to thwart the impending catastrophe. The novel is filled with action, suspense, and intrigue as the characters confront their enemies in a high-stakes battle that will determine the fate of nations.

Putin and the Russians have suffered too many murders of their own people in the past. Now they want to wipe out the entire “prime minister’s private army”, including Blake Johnson and Charles Ferguson. Someone is after them: Blake; Harry Miller; his sister, Monica; Harry Salter; and Billy. The only ones spared were Roper and Dillon.

After surviving a car bomb attack, Ferguson begins a desperate search to find the culprit. Not wanting any public connection with their country, the Russians needed the right kind of assassin, better than Carlos the Jackal. When such a man is discovered in Lubiana prison, he willingly takes on this job as the price for his freedom! An unexpected man, smart and scary, skillful and dangerous, he is the wolf at the door.

This story is the culmination of all the characters associated with Sean Dillon, General Ferguson and all their associates. Most of the stories revolve around Britain, Ireland, Russia and America. If you have ever been to England, you will start to reminisce about your past experiences there. Jack Higgins, the author, has a unique way of putting his novel in your mind as you read his story. Cold, rainy nights in England and the surrounding countryside come back from the past, leaving you to fully embrace the novel. He mentions a pub, the Darkman, in London (near Chelsea) off the River Thames, so reminiscent of the area that you can picture the characters and almost taste the mist and Rye Whiskey. Meanwhile, as he introduces the good guys and bad guys, he takes you to an old Irish Church with all the history related to the IRA and its struggle with the British Government. I was in England when a bomb exploded about a block from where I was walking. This novel took my mind back to the past and all the political aspects of that period. This is just one of many plot developments that will take you to Washington, D.C., Moscow, and more. Buckle up because this is a fun and actionable novel.

  • The Wolf at the Door

  • Sean Dillon, Book 17
  • By: Jack Higgins

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