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“The Woodsman, Enchanted Lovers, Book 1” by Belle Scarlett is a romance novel that combines elements of fantasy and fairy tales. The story revolves around the character of Roric, a woodsman who is under a curse that transforms him into a beastly creature. He encounters the enchanting Lady of the Forest, who is also under a curse. As they navigate their individual curses and the challenges they face, they find themselves drawn to each other in a passionate and forbidden romance.

The novel weaves together themes of love, magic, and the struggle against dark forces. It incorporates elements of folklore and mythology, creating a rich and immersive world for readers to explore. The characters’ journey is filled with emotional depth and complexity as they confront their own inner demons and external threats.

Belle Scarlett’s writing style is known for its vivid imagery and sensual storytelling. The novel is filled with lush descriptions of the natural world, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the story. The author skillfully blends romance and fantasy, offering readers a captivating tale of love and redemption set against a backdrop of mystical intrigue.

Once upon a time on a moonlit night in the Enchanted Forest, where cursed creatures were held captive until the spells that bound them were broken….

After capturing Lady Lily Rouge’s carriage, Lord Marrok Ulfang, aka the baddest wolf the Enchanted Forest has ever seen, has only one day to capture her heart and demand her surrender. sex for the first time, even if it means having nosy fairies hovering over him. monocular window.

Otherwise, he will stay as a shapeshifting wolf, damned to stay in the lonely Enchanted Forest forever.

But while he is able to arouse her virgin body to the point of fever, he quickly learns that his strong, unruly Lily has a mind and will of her own.

And the daylight is fading fast.

Meanwhile, the one who cursed Marrok lurks in the forest and will fight to keep the pair from surviving together.

This story begins in the ‘Once upon a time’ period. You know, the carriages, the big dresses, the flowing hair, the young virgin being sold to an old man…wait! No, the last part is just this part. Lily’s parents received a letter from an old widower asking Lily to be his bride. He wrote the magical words, ‘no dowry needed’. Her parents pack her up and send her on a rickety carriage that stumbles on a path through an enchanted forest. So Lily has been having erotic dreams since she was a teenager. She never saw the man’s face, only his eyes, and she always woke up before the deed was done. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, a huge black wolf could smell that she had entered and he was prepared to capture her. The wolf is Lord Marrok Ulfang, cursed to be a wolf at night and a human during the day. He has dreamed about his young virgin for years, hoping she would be the one to break his curse.

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