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Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer is the first book in the Theodore Boone series by renowned author John Grisham. The story is about Theodore Boone, a young lawyer in the city of Strattenburg. He is only 13 years old, he dreams of becoming a brilliant lawyer in the courtroom with a perfect murder.

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Review 1: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer audiobook by Jean

Richard Thomas did a great job reading this story. I have not cared to much for some of John Grisham’s most recent books but this one was great. I noted it was for children but adults will enjoy it. Other than the hero being a 12 year old the story is much more an adult story than what I think of as a child’s book. Could not stop listening.

Review 2: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer audiobook by Brian

Fantastic for young audience, Good for adults

Grisham does a great job of taking his great law drama style and putting it on the level of a young adult (ages 8-16 IMO). In an unobtrusive way, he explains any of the technical aspects of law that are critical to the plot. He goes “out on a limb” and creates a character that has a good relationship with his parents without the parents kowtowing to the child.
Adults will enjoy the story as well. The plot is not as filled with twists and turns as his normal, but that is to be expected with the target audience. I did finish the book feeling like he had intended to write three more chapters, but cut it for some reason.
Nevertheless, it was a good read (listen). I hope this isn’t his last for this audience. I’m looking forward to my kids having more of these.

Review 3: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer audiobook by DougJ

If you need a cute story…

Well, this is definitely a ‘kids’ book, but a very good listen even for a mature person. I am an avid Grisham listener and this book proved a nice break. Being a grandfatther, I will be reading this book to my grandsons. The story provides a good sense of strive for what you want, be honest, think things through, help others, and most of all an education of the justicial system, abeit from a simpler approach, but very well put. Recommended for young readers.

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